General Background

BGS Energy Plus a.s. is a clearly profiled and transparent holding group which uses market opportunities in the fastest growing market segment – in the area of renewable energy sources. We try to use the most up-to-date know-how to create new sources which will bring the highest utility value both to the end users and external investors. We respect the rules of business ethics and morality in all situations. Our dealings are fully professional and we believe that for our quality services we will be rewarded with success. A strong and quality background enables us to seek new and non-traditional approaches to solve clients’ needs and to expand our own acquisitions and opportunities. The division of work on one hand and joint cooperation on the other secure quality and a wide range of services provided.

The existing structure of ownership relationships in the Group has been formed concurrently with the implementation of the policy of horizontal and vertical expansion of the Group. The Group’s expansion policy is based on maximum exploitation of all market opportunities on the basis of the resources available within the entire Group. Using synergy effects within the entire Group we supply quality products and services in the area of renewable energy resources which are closely related mainly to the agrarian sector or photovoltaic applications. In accordance with EU policy we deal with issues of agricultural primary production by the processing of commodities to alternative energy sources which enables us in this area to develop not only our position as a supplier to investment units but also our own newly established companies or to locate acquisitions to existing, predominantly agrarian, companies.

Due to the dynamic support provided in this sector and a professional approach, our projects can generate maximum added value for all parties involved. With this approach to the most recent findings in the sector, together with a flexible and targeted response to common actual challenges, we have created a synergetic effect which is growing in strength along with the growth of the whole Group.

Description of the market and of the company’s position in it

The group BGS Energy Plus, Inc., with its complete offering in the area of production and utilization of biogas ranks among the leading companies in this field. In the Czech market there are some companies offering a similar concept of realization of those energy projects; however, those are mainly investment groups, private investors or business companies in the field. Only BGS has, by the structure, acquired a very firm position, which eliminates the risks occurring by preparation of realization of the projects. It is possible to speak of uniqueness of this company in the Czech market, because a number of projects is already in the operational phase, i.e. in comparison with other companies, not only in the preparational phase without factual operation. The reference plant of BPS Závidkovice gives thereby to the new partners a clear signal of respectable offers.