Corporate governance

The group companies are led by a well coordinated management team comprising:

Ales Radil
Managing director of the Company. Specialized in electro installations. Experience in technical aspects of the biogas projects and their implementation. Responsible for day-to-day management of the Company.

Radim Hruza
VP Sales and CTO. Long-term active in the field of renewable energy, in particular biomass projects. Besides its role within the Company he acts as an external technical advisor for the renewable energy sector providing consultancy services, preparing feasibility studies, investment project and regional energy concepts. Together with other experts and professional public prepares new trends in the sector. He is a member of Czech biomass association, collaborator and member of German Fachverband Biogas e.V (professional association for biogas). He publishes and gives lectures about renewable energy.

Ing. Jindra Radilova
As a CFO and legal attorney of the Company she is primarily responsible for financial budgeting and fundraising for Company‘s projects. Further she is responsible for the area of Investor Relations and for the contact with the media (e: She graduated from University of Economics in Prague. She has been active in financial sector since many years. She worked for a local bank, major Czech companies such Cesky Telecon and finally she worked as CFO for PR agency Mozaic. The Company has put together a qualified development team with relevant qualification and experience, strong local contacts and dedication to fulfilll the Company’s vision and strategy.

Supervisory board comprising:

JUDr. Ing. Zdenek Radil
Chairman of the Supervisory board, has owned 25% of shares at the date of issue. He graduated from University of Economics in Prague and from Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague. He has been active in financial sector since many years. He worked for large international companies such Alcatel, major Czech companies such Cesky Telecon, Czech national bank, Ceska sporitelna and advisory company Deloitte. Further Mr. Radil was appointed as a General Secretary of Czech association of security brokers and vice-president of Czech treasury association.

Jaromir Peklo
Member of the Supervisory board, doesn’t own any shares. Mr Peklo holds an MBA from INSEAD, studied private equity and finance at Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, holds summa cum laude Master’s degree in Economics and Management and a PhD in Organizational Theory and Corporate Governance from University of Economics Prague. He has over 14 years of relevant experience in finance, management and consulting in the CEE region. He worked for large european banks nad consulting companies such Dexia, Deloitte and Raiffeisenbank.

Stepan Dlouhy
Member of the Supervisory board, doesn’t own any shares. Holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Economics in Prague. Mr Dlouhy has over over 10 years of experience in finance, specializes in corporate restructuring, PPPs & project finance, corporate finance, treasury and financial management. He worked for investment banks such austrian Gutmann, Creditanstalt and consulting company Deloitte.